Exploring IK Multimedia's MODO DRUM 1.5 (2023)

When it comes to virtual drum instruments, IK Multimedia's MODO DRUM 1.5 is a game-changer. Released in August 2019, this remarkable software has become a go-to choice for musicians and producers seeking a level of realism and flexibility that's hard to find elsewhere.

What is IK Multimedia's MODO DRUM 1.5?

IK Multimedia is renowned for its physical modeling sound sources, with "MODOBASS" setting the standard for bass sounds. Now, they've ventured into the realm of drums with MODO DRUM. This versatile tool can be used as a VST, VST3, AU, or AAX plugin within your preferred DAW, or as a standalone program.

Update 1.5 - What's New?

In February 2021, MODO DRUM received a substantial update, introducing three new drum kits that significantly expand its sonic palette:


A versatile 6-piece vintage maple kit suitable for all-round use.

Brit Custom

A 4-piece birch kit with a warm and rich sound, perfect for indie pop and rock styles.


An 8-piece kit ideal for modern and aggressive styles.

Furthermore, a free CS version was introduced, allowing users to explore the MODO DRUM experience without any financial commitment. The SE and CS versions also offer the flexibility to purchase individual drum kits, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Differences Between MODO DRUM SE and CS

MODO DRUM now comes in three versions: the full version, SE, and CS. While the full version boasts a staggering 13 drum kits to choose from, the SE version includes five kits, and the free CS version provides access to the Studio kit. Importantly, all versions share the same features and functions without limitations.

Differences Between Sample-Based and Physical Modeling Sound Sources

MODO DRUM's standout feature is its reliance on physical modeling sound sources, setting it apart from traditional sample-based instruments. This distinction is crucial, as it opens up a world of creative possibilities:

Parameters that allow fine tuning

MODO DRUM goes beyond the typical drum sampler by offering granular control over every element of your drum kit. You can customize the shell, head, diameter, depth, sticks, and kick pedals, resulting in highly detailed and realistic sounds. Moreover, you can adjust the drummer's playing style, including hitting position accuracy and playing looseness, enhancing the realism of your drum tracks. Notably, MODO DRUM's physical modeling capabilities provide settings that are simply unparalleled in other drum sound sources.

A wide range of drum sets that covers various genres

With 13 diverse drum kits at your disposal, including Black Oyster, Djentleman, Jazzy, Extreme, Reference, Bubinga, Grungy, Plexi, Studio, Rock Custom, Silver, Brit Custom, and Metal, MODO DRUM caters to virtually any musical genre. The 1.5 update brings three additional kits to further expand genre coverage. These versatile options, combined with precise parameter control, offer a vast soundscape for your creative expression.

Points to be aware of and disadvantages to know before using

While MODO DRUM offers a wealth of benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

Requires detailed work

To achieve the best results, you may need to invest time in crafting your drum sounds from scratch. The included presets, though inspiring, can be heavily processed, making them less suitable for immediate use. Delving into sound creation for each drum can lead to more satisfying and personalized results.

High CPU load

MODO DRUM's robust features come at a cost – it places a high load on your CPU. If your computer's specifications are on the lower end, you might encounter performance issues. It's advisable to ensure your system can handle the demands of this software before diving in.

Sale Information for MODO DRUM

IK Multimedia frequently offers discounts on its products, including MODO DRUM, during sales events. For registered users who own IK Multimedia products valued at 99.99 Euros or more, crossgrades may offer even more cost-effective access. Keep an eye on sales to make the most of these opportunities.

Explanation of How to Use MODO DRUM

Understanding how to navigate and utilize MODO DRUM is essential for harnessing its potential. The software's interface is divided into six main sections:


  • Choose your drum kit from the available options, including Black Oyster, Djentleman, Jazzy, Extreme, and more.


  • Customize individual drums within your kit, adjusting parameters like damping, volume, tuning, and more. You can even add or remove drums as needed.


  • Fine-tune your drumming experience by selecting hand hitting range, volume, kick pedal type, sticks, and more.


  • Tailor the virtual recording environment to your liking with options like Booth, Mid Studio, Cathedral, and more.


  • Control the volume, panning, and apply a range of effects to each drum in your kit. With 19 available effects, you have extensive creative control.


  • Access over 1,400 MIDI patterns that can be customized to fit your project's genre, length, and style. These patterns can be effortlessly integrated into your DAW for quick and efficient drum programming.

In addition, you can control various parameters with MIDI CC, allowing for precise adjustments in your drum patterns, such as the hi-hat opening and more.


MODO DRUM 1.5 by IK Multimedia is a powerful and versatile drum virtual instrument that offers unparalleled customization and realism. With its extensive range of drum kits, fine-tuning options, and MIDI pattern library, it caters to musicians and producers across various genres. However, it's essential to be aware of its CPU load and the need for detailed sound crafting. MODO DRUM is a valuable addition to any musician's toolkit, providing the tools needed to craft lifelike drum tracks with precision and creativity.

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