MW3 Weapon Tier List: Unveiling the Ultimate Arsenal (2023)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). In this breakdown, we meticulously analyze the top-tier guns, offering precise insights into their strengths and optimal applications. Our tier list is your go-to resource for dominating the battlefield, whether you're a seasoned player or just stepping into MW3 for the first time.

S Tier Guns: Holger 556, MCW, DG-58 Assault Rifle

Holger 556 Assault Rifle

The undisputed champion, the Holger 556, reigns supreme across all engagement scenarios. With unparalleled range, accuracy, and reliability, it dominates professional leagues, making it a force to be reckoned with. Minimal recoil, fast time-to-kill (TTK), and exceptional performance in various ranges make the Holger 556 the pinnacle of MW3 weaponry.

MCW Assault Rifle

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Holger 556, the MCW boasts phenomenal recoil control and versatility. Its lightweight frame ensures ease of handling, making it a top choice for players favoring fast-firing, mid to long-range engagements. While excelling in diverse scenarios, the MCW remains rivaled by the Holger 556 in close-quarter combat.

DG-58 Assault Rifle

A one-burst kill masterpiece, the DG-58's power shines with the right attachments. Blending impressive stats in range, damage, accuracy, mobility, and handling, this assault rifle guarantees fast, accurate, and deadly performance. Our recommended loadout transforms it into a formidable weapon, securing single-burst kills in close and mid-range encounters.

A Tier Guns: Striker, BAS-B, Rival-9, MTZ-556

Striker SMG

For players craving intense close to mid-range encounters, the Striker SMG stands out. Despite a minor beta nerf, its exceptional time-to-kill, handling, accuracy, and mobility make it one of the best early SMGs in MW3. Ideal for run-and-gun playstyles, the Striker, with the right attachments, excels in the all-new Tac-Stance.

BAS-B Battle Rifle

The BAS-B embodies reliability and performance, offering a balanced experience in damage, accuracy, recoil control, and handling. While formidable, it falls slightly behind the MCW and Holger 556 in time-to-kill and recoil control. Choose the BAS-B for an all-around experience, provided you consider your playstyle and preferences.

MTZ-556 Assault Rifle

Unlocked by default, the MTZ-556 provides a solid early-game option. Similar in playstyle to the MCW, it becomes even more potent with attachments. If time constraints limit your ability to explore different weapons, the MTZ-556 remains a dependable choice, holding its ground among the game's best.

B Tier Guns: KV Inhibitor, SVA 545, Renetti

KV Inhibitor

A versatile assault rifle, the KV Inhibitor offers a balanced experience across various aspects. While not topping the charts, it provides a reliable option for players seeking a middle-ground choice.

SVA 545 Assault Rifle

Closely competing with the Striker SMG as one of MW3's best starter weapons, the SVA 545 delivers impressive fire rate, accuracy, mobility, and handling. Its ability to fire the first two rounds almost simultaneously adds to its lethality, making it a solid choice for players across different engagement ranges.

Renetti Pistol

As a secondary weapon, the Renetti shines with the right attachments, offering fast-firing three-round burst capabilities. While excelling in close-range encounters, its customization options, including dual-wielding and full-automatic modes, make it a versatile and potent choice.

C Tier Gun: Riveter Shotgun

Riveter Shotgun

Built around an assault rifle receiver, the Riveter thrives in close-range encounters, particularly in objective-based game modes. With the right attachments, it becomes a solid option for players exploring tac-stance builds or preferring hip firing.


In conclusion, our MW3 Weapon Tier List provides a strategic roadmap to assembling the ultimate arsenal. While personal preferences may influence choices, our meticulous analysis ensures you make informed decisions. Stay tuned for updates as we adapt to post-release changes, keeping you at the forefront of MW3's dynamic battlefield. Dominate the game with the best weapons, and let victory be your constant companion.

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