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Endesa is one of the most popular electricity service companies in Spain, in the following article we will talk a little more about the action of deregistering Endesa and its services, if you are a client of this company you may be interested in this information, If so, continue reading the data we have for you.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 How to cancel Endesa, contracts and services?
    • 1.1 Necessary documents
  • 2 Reasons for de-energizing Endesa
    • 2.1 Recurring cases of cancellation
  • 3 Service cancellation time at Endesa
  • 4 Cost of electric cancellation
  • 5 Moments in which it is not advisable to turn off electricity at Endesa
    • 5.1 rental case
    • 5.2 Background residency case
  • 6 Cancellation of the contract in case of late payments
  • 7 Contract modification

How to cancel Endesa, contracts and services?

The action of canceling, eliminating or unsubscribing the electricity services and contracts offered by the company Endesa is a legal process which can be carried out by all customers with active contracts within Endesa, there are different deadlines to be able to perform it, in addition to the prices to be paid for the process and the different conditions offered by the company so that the client meets important requirements to cancel the services.

In the event that you, as an active Endesa customer, do not wish to continue to enjoy the electrical supplies or services provided by the company, both in your premises and in your home, you can take the action of a cancellation or cancellation of the electricity contract.

This may be due to different reasons, but in order to achieve it successfully, you need to communicate directly with the Endesa company through its telephone service network or by making calls to the customer section or department, there are a variety of numbers and methods by which you can contact or the company, these are:

  • The Endesa customer service number: you must call 807 60909
  • Customer Service Telephone XXI: for this you must Call 800 760 333
  • Customer area or section: by going to Endesa's official website, select the "my contracts" area
  • Commercial offices of the company: you can approach the points of sale in order to carry out the procedure

The contract or service cancellation process can only be carried out by the individual who appears in the contract as the owner user of the electricity and light supply services by Endesa, if, on the other hand, you are not the person who is the owner of the contract. It is necessary to carry out a change of ownership process within the company, in order to transfer said document to your name in order to cancel the service.

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Necessary documents

Prior to the contract cancellation process (whether permanent or temporary) at Endesa, the company makes a request for different documents or requirements that each holder or client of the institution must comply with, these documents are the following:

  • Digits corresponding to your bank account
  • Data to contact the owner of the services or contract
  • CUPS, also known as Unified Point of Supply Code
  • National identification document corresponding to the holder of the contract

If you have an electricity meter in your home or establishment, the company will take care of contacting the distributor in order to bring a technician to your door to remove said device, as long as it belongs to you, this will happen later. to the notification and delivery of each aforementioned document, in order to cancel the services and the electricity contract.

Reasons for de-energizing Endesa

One of the main reasons why individuals decide to cancel electricity contracts or electrical services with the company Endesa is the vacancy of a home or establishment, that is to say that the house or apartment in which the client resides will be empty for a long period and the use of electricity will not be necessary, since the property will not be rented immediately.

If your residential or commercial property will be unused and empty for a considerably long time, it is recommended to cancel the electricity contract, this is because the amount that the individual must pay to keep the electricity service active is on top of the amount of money to be paid for a cancellation and subsequent reactivation.

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Recurring cases of cancellation

There are some specific moments or events in which the cancellation of the energy contract with Endesa is carried out as the main measure, since in these cases it is considered the best saving option, some of the most common reasons or cases are the following:

  • Purchase or sale of the property: If the owner of the home or establishment wishes to carry out a process of buying or selling a place, it is common for an electricity contract to be canceled in order to avoid any legal problem or inconvenience regarding said service.
  • Divorce of the owners: in the event that the establishment is in the name of a couple and they decide to divorce or separate, if the establishment is not under the guardianship of either of them, they can cancel their electricity contract (if the house is empty).
  • death of the owner: in case the destination of the structure has not been clarified or it wishes to be sold after the death of its owner, the electricity service can be cancelled.

Of course the situation will always depend on the circumstances in which a service results within your place of residence, such as the cases mentioned above, however there are also certain situations in which the cancellation of the electricity contract is not the best option, but this will depend on the circumstances and personal decision of each individual.

Service cancellation time at Endesa

The period from the beginning of the process or request for the cancellation of the contract and electricity service until the moment in which the definitive cut-off of the supplies granted by Endesa is made is based on a time of approximately 30 days, however during this period in In which the process is initiated and the cancellation is completed, the company Endesa will not affect or partially cancel the provision of services to the client.

However, it is important to note that the definition of the period in which the total cancellation of the contract or electricity system by Endesa depends on what kind of meter you are, since there are two types, digital and analog. In the event that the meter is digital, also known as remotely managed, the cancellation of the services can be carried out even within the following 24 hours after the delivery of documents and request.

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On the other hand, if the meter is of the analog type, this process may take from 10 to 15 days, however the aforementioned period of 30 days or one month is usually completed at the time of verification from the department in charge of the bills, to be able to specify that you have settled each pending account, that is to say that you do not have any debt in your payments with Endesa, if the situation arises in which the 30-day period has elapsed and your contract is still not cancelled, the individual can make a claim by filling out the form provided by Endesa.

Cost of electric cancellation

We must point out that the procedure for canceling your services at Endesa does not have any additional cost, that is, it is a free process, however there are certain exceptions, such as cases of permanent contracts, these are the cases in which your service or rates have stipulated times for their provision.

In these cases you will need to pay a kind of penalty, paying the remaining fees from the time of cancellation until the expiration of your service, this can be paid in parts in order to complete a permanence period. Among the maintenance services that have a duration of one year, you can find Endesa Ok electricity and Ok gas, in this case it is necessary that you request the action of deregister natural gas Endesa like the electricity service.

On the other hand, if we talk about the cost of reactivation, we can highlight that its relationship with the cancellation of the service and the extra payments for defined contracts, in comparison, can be high and to be able to carry it out it is necessary that the client has current extension rights. for at least 3 years and an electrical bulletin containing the validity of the legal 20-year period granted to it.

In the event that you are requesting the reactivation of an establishment or home that has been without electricity for less than 2 and a half years, you must pay between €77 and €190 depending on the power of the plan you contract, together with this it is necessary that a payment is also made for the cost of your electric bulletin, which is regulated from €60 to €300.

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Moments in which it is not advisable to turn off electricity at Endesa

There are some situations, moments or scenarios in which the elimination of your services is not the best option, because in some moments in which the property is not partially or temporarily occupied, the cancellation of the service does not represent the best solution. There are two specific cases in which the process can be solved in another way, these are:

rental case

If you, as the owner of the property, want to put your home, dwelling or premises for rent, the light can be kept active because the electricity supply can be useful for the tenant who makes use of the establishment, in these cases the solution is to make a change of holder in the document or contract, so that the new rented individual is the only one who is responsible for the payments and transactions of the electricity contract.

Background residency case

In the event that the establishment or property is your second residence, it is not necessary to cancel the electrical services because this home will be unoccupied for a short and intermittent time and canceling to later reactivate the electricity supply will not be very beneficial for your pocket. , in these cases it is recommended to make a reduction of expenses or power at the electrical level within your contract, in order to achieve a single payment of taxes.

In the event that this is your decision and you wish to reduce power at the electrical level, you must make an extra payment of €9,4, in addition to the VAT referring to the rights known as "down payment", it is also important that you take into account that this modification can only be carried out annually. On the other hand, in 2018 a new law was passed in reference to the power by sections, in which you as a client will be able to make all kinds of modifications, in case the section is managed within 0,1 kW, in If it exceeds 15 kW, it will not be possible to carry out the desired modification.

Cancellation of the contract in case of late payments

It is quite obvious that if you, as a client, have any type of default or owe any payment within your services, you will not be able to cancel your contract immediately, since one of the main requirements that is requested of the individual prior to cancellation is that you make your payments in a timely manner on your bills for as long as you have Endesa's services, if so, you will ensure your constant service and a successful cancellation process.

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If you have any debt with the company Endesa, it has the right to cancel your contract for reasons of prolonged debts, in the event that the client lets two electricity bills pass without paying, the company will make constant notifications using your email address. email, to inform you of the urgency with which it is necessary to cancel pending payments, in case the debt is not paid, the company will be obliged to order the cancellation by the distributor of any service or electricity or light supply to your home.

This is not the best way to get rid of the services, because in the event that in the future the client wishes to hire Endesa's services again, they will need to make a full payment by canceling each invoice that is pending within the system, this in addition to all the costs that involve the reconnection of the contract, which range between €21 and €22 additional to the VAT that is defined by low voltage.

On the other hand, this reconnection can only be carried out successfully if a request is made within two months after the cutoff of your services, if your debts with the company are much higher and the cutoff time is longer, the The individual requesting the reconnection must make a full cost payment for the restoration, in addition to the aforementioned payments.

Contract modification

If you make any changes to your contract, you will not be able to request a process for the cancellation of electricity services at Endesa, this is because if any element of the contract between Endesa and the customer has been changed or undergone any modification, They will alter all the processes including the low light.

Some of these modifications can be the change of digits or account number, the power modification, among others, if this is the situation, the client will need to carry out a waiting process in which their modifications stop the course of the process.

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