Uncovering Modern Warfare 3 "Highrise" Mission: Weapon and Item Locations (2023)

In the heart-pounding mission "Highrise" of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, navigating through a towering building becomes a thrilling quest for weaponry and items. Our guide unveils the precise locations of 19 crucial collectibles scattered across different floors.

Fifth Floor Arsenal

  1. Silenced TAQ-M

    • Begin by ascending the elevator shaft to the fifth floor.
    • Head west, grabbing night vision goggles and progressing north.
    • Discover the Silenced TAQ-M at the end of the hall blockade.
  2. Snapshot Pulse

    • Retrace steps to the elevator shaft, taking the eastern hallway.
    • Find the Snapshot Pulse field upgrade in a windowed hallway overlooking the courtyard.
  3. .50 GS

    • Proceed to the end of the hall, take the last right, and locate .50 GS on a table inside.
  4. Silenced COR-45

    • In the same hallway, find the Silenced COR-45.

First Floor Exploration

  1. Incendiary MCW

    • Head to the stairwell at the east end of the hall, parachute down, and retrieve Incendiary MCW.
  2. Silenced Expedite 12

    • Exit the stairwell, turn left, and discover Silenced Expedite 12 in a small room.
  3. Explosive Crossbow

    • Move west along the courtyard, climb scaffolding to the sixth floor laundry room, and retrieve the Explosive Crossbow.
  4. Silenced Kastov 762

    • Unblock the door at the stairwell bottom, climb ladders to the seventh floor balcony, and secure the Silenced Kastov 762.
  5. Minigun

    • Back on the seventh floor, parachute down to find the Minigun in a blocked room.

Eighth Floor Challenges

  1. Silenced Striker 9

    • Climb back to the Silenced Kastov 762 location, navigate through traps to a dark room, and find the Silenced Striker 9.
  2. LA-B 330

    • Climb through a window overlooking the courtyard, hop ledges, and grab LA-B 330 on a southwest balcony.
  3. Silenced MTZ Interceptor

    • Return to the eighth floor, climb through an open window, disarm C4 traps, and locate Silenced MTZ Interceptor.
  4. VEL 46

    • Climb back up to the eighth floor, head west, and take the second right to obtain VEL 46.

Eleventh Floor Secrets

  1. Incendiary Bryson 800

    • Ascend to the ninth floor, navigate monitors, and find Incendiary Bryson 800 in a closet overlooking the courtyard.
  2. PDSW 528

    • Head to the right of Bryson 800's closet, climb over boxes, and grab PDSW 528 in a small ledge-accessed room.

Top Floor Grand Finale

  1. Anti-Armor Rounds

    • As you reach the roof, locate Anti-Armor Rounds below the ledge.
  2. ISO Hemlock

    • Just ahead, discover ISO Hemlock in a crate.
  3. WSP Stinger

    • Shoot a chair blocking a door, climb back down, and find WSP Stinger through the opened door.
  4. RPK

    • Shoot another chair blocking a door, jump down a floor, and acquire the RPK at the end of the opened room.

In conclusion, mastering the "Highrise" mission involves meticulous exploration and strategic moves to secure these invaluable weapons and items. Gear up and conquer the heights in Modern Warfare 3!

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